Hiking and Outdoor Newsletter February 2018


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Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentine's Day to all our clients and establishment owners.

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Healthy Hiking Recipes
We all know preparing delicious nutritious food for a long distance hiking trip can be tricky sometimes, so we will be helping you out with some easy and quick recipes that are very tasty and gives you the energy you need for the hike ahead.

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How to choose a backpack
Planning to buy a new pack for the backcountry? There are three main areas where you'll need to make choices:


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Safety on Hiking Trails
Unfortunately we live in a world where hikers do get attached and get lost, here are some tips to help you with safety.

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Sedgefield - Hike and Stay
Beach Hike
Myoli Beach, Sedgefield to Goukamma Nature Reserve


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Wathaba Hiking Trail
Wathaba is a wilderness area in the Skurweberg Mountains on the road between Machadodorp and Badplaas. 250km from Pretoria and 290km from Johannesburg.

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Hiking Freaks
Ever wanted to take up hiking as a hobby but didn't have the essential kit.
Find out more what Hiking Freaks can offer you.

Weather Forecasting
Want to know what the weather is like before you go hiking?

Go see what Jacana has done for you.

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Contact details
So you want to know where to get more information about all the stuff that is happening at Jacana, feel free to contact us in office hours.